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Sick notes and fit notes

If you require a new sick note:

If you need a new sick certificate (‘fit note’) for a new condition lasting 7 days where you have not consulted any medical professional yet, please complete this form.

By law we cannot backdate a note to before the first time you were seen, so please ensure you have done our online form within the first 7 days.

We do not give fit notes for periods of less than 7 days as you can self-certify. If your employer requires this, please advise them of your legal rights in relation to this. If you still need this we can provide a private sick note which is chargeable.

More information is available at 

If you require an extension to your existing sick note:

If you require an extension to a fit note which we have already given you, but do not need to discuss anything else, please do not book a GP appointment. Please complete this form or fill in a form at reception.